The Song of My Salvation


When I was laden by a heavy load,

Weighing upon my shoulders with gravity,

I looked around as I carried on my designated road,

With none in sight, for all fled when walked by depravity.


When I could no longer go through the barriers,

I stopped to lay down my soul to the ground.

Then came along a great hand, claiming to be my carrier,

To lift my load and soul on its back to mound


The path that seemed impossible to cross.

It dwindled into a flowing stream carrying me along

All because of the hand that was nailed to the cross.

Now I am not alone but accompanied as I sing my song.                                                                                                                                                                                                             


I sing of joy and salvation that have befriended me

Of peace that has carried me through my journey’s thorns.

Before, I was laden with heaviness, doomed to flee;

Now, I rejoice with my heart, forgetting my past mourns.


My savior found me along the way;

He found me defeated and lifted me to my feet.

He said, “My son I’m here to stay”

And brought me by his side and gave me there a seat